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Call for Papers #8: Preservation (ENG)

Civilization materialized into a city, and vice versa. It is a continuous cycle that affects each other’s existence. Civilization continues evolving as new layers are built on top of the existing city layer. Often covered sometimes replaced. Its superimposition creates a narrative that captures society and their daily life. However, if discontinued, civilization may stop evolving, be replaced and forgotten. The forgotten ones are buried or disguised within the growth of a new flourishing civilization. The survived ones often become monuments that adapt and blend well with the newly formed layers. Even though both will be preserved as memories, yet, often the latter has a new role within the new narrative of the city.

Preservation freezes authentic historical evidence or aesthetic values in the midst of modernity. As if it tries to provide lessons to learn for modern men. A selected architectural piece that charged with religious, social, and political motives are preserved to narrate stories about the past.

Let’s talk about PRESERVATION

Call for papers ruang #8: Preservation is ready! Please download it here.