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Call for Papers #10: Government (ENG)

Humans are essentially social beings. They have natural desire to interact with each other to survive. This desire makes humans either become homo homini socius, a positive condition that makes a human a good companion for the others; or, on the other side, homo homini lupus, a negative condition when a human become a “wolf” for the others. Both sides trigger conflicts.

These reasons form a social contract among individuals, or community, to an entity that either governs the rights and obligations of every individual or protecting them with a legal system.

This entity is called Government.

So, does a social contract means that the society has given all responsibility to the government and later, to the market? Then, what kind of roles does the society should have towards the cityscape?

So, do the government and the society still have the same visions and aspirations for the city? Then how to build productive communication between the government and the society?

On top of that, what is the role of architects in this case? And, how should an architect position himself in between the government and society? Also, how to bridge between government’s visions and society aspirations?

Let’s discuss about Government and its discontents!

Call for papers ruang #10: Government is ready! Please download it here.